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Personalised silver Double name bangle with silver links

A beautiful gift for any mum, with her and her husbands names on one bangle and their wedding date on the second bangle. The silver links have her children's names on. 

Add your rings and heart charm from the drop down box.

The bangles are handmade from 2mm sterling silver wire which is cut to length then soldered through the link rings before being rolled to approximately 1mm.

The link rings are individually hand forged from 3mm wire which is rolled to approximately 2mm 

Both the bangles and the link rings are hammered to add the tactile texture finish which gives it an organic look and feel. Each item is individually handmade to order, hand-stamped, and polished. 

 The personalised 2mm uppercase letters are hand-stamped one by one, rather than machine engraved, as such, any irregularities should be appreciated as part of a bespoke design. The black colouring in the letters comes from an oxidisation chemical process.

Standard size is 21cm but you can have whatever size you need.


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