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Hammered sterling silver, brass and copper triple bangle

The bangles are hand forged one by one and interlocked with the other two, making it one gorgeous bangle. With the mixture of sterling silver, brass and copper complimenting each other beautifully.

Each bangles is handmade in my workshop from 2mm sterling silver, copper and brass wire which is rolled flat to a depth of approx 1mm

The personalised names are hand stamped using individual 2mm uppercase letters. The specific letter is punched into the metal one at a time so they have the perfectly unique charm of not being computer engraved. Letters just fit the space on each bangle, though there are some that are slightly clipped. If you love this style you tend to appreciate the imperfections as part of the rustic, organic charm. 

which once soldered together with silver solder they are rolled and hammered to give them an organic textured look. A lovely gift for a mum with 3 children 

Available with or without personalisation. Your bangle will be delivered in a lined gift box,

Copper and brass will tarnish, but cleaning the patina is straight forward, gently rubbing with wire wool grade 0000 which will keep the metals in great condition, it is soft enough to not scratch the metals while removing any tarnish

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