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Sterling silver ring with copper or rose gold Infinity spinner

A rustic set of sterling silver rings. Each ring is handmade in my workshop from  sterling silver sheet approx 3mmx1.2mm. The personalised names are hand stamped using individual letters. Each letter is punched into the silver one at a time so they have the perfectly unique charm of not being computer engraved. Each letter just fits the space on each ring, though there are some that are slightly clipped. If you love this style you tend to appreciate the imperfections as part of the rustic, organic charm. 
The rings are secured together with a floating 9ct rose gold band with infinity stamp.
The finished rings are oxidised to highlight the names and infinity stamp. 

 Items made from copper will tarnish, but can easily be cleaned using lemons, or salt and vinegar or grade 0000 wire wool. There are lots of tips online. 

The black within the letters comes from the oxidisation process. 
To keep your jewellery in the best condition, remove before showering/bathing. Buff regularly using a silver polishing cloth. 

If you wish to maintain the black in the letters this can be done really easily using 'Rub n Buff' 
Ebony colour, which is available online and very easy to use, just rub it on and buff off. 
Please note that all personalised items are non-refundable.

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