Terms and Conditions

1. Personalised messages, names and dates on items of Jewellery

Please take a moment when submitting you're order to make sure whatever personalised elements you have requested are spelled correctly and have the correct dates and include all the text you want. All personalised jewellery must be paid for in advance and work will not commence until payment has cleared. If a mistake has been included on the initial order or any subsequent correspondence from yourself then there may be a charge to correct it. The charge will depend on the extent of the corrective work that is required and materials involved.

Please note that all personalised items are non-refundable.

2. Design considerations

All personalised items are designed to have variations and irregularities in the text, the handmade quality of the letter punches is part of the vintage design and charm of all the items, making each piece unique. For this reason there will always be variations in the advertised product and the item you will receive. Where possible I do try and include photographs of several different versions of the item.

3. Bangle sizes

All my bangles are sized as follows and the size is can be selected when ordering. Please note that if you inadvertently measure the wrong size bangle it is usually possible to correct it, however this will incur return postage charges and a £10 fee per bangle for a reduction and £5 per bangle for an enlarge. This is for time and effort required to correct.

Ex Small 19cm
Small 20cm
Standard 21cm
Large 22cm
Extra 23cm

4. Items made from Copper

Items made from copper will tarnish. Some people find this part of coppers charm, however others prefer to keep it shiny. Copper tarnishing is completely natural and a characteristic of all copper products so please keep this in mind when ordering. Copper can however be easily cleaned using lemons, or salt and vinegar. You can even use very fine grade '0000' wire wool to bring up a shine. There are lots of other tips online. Copper items that need to be soldered will show a small silver join mark, this is unavoidable, but is usually very neat and discrete.

5. Blacked lettering

The black within the letters comes from the oxidisation process which involves dipping the metal in liver of sulphur. If you wish to maintain the black in the letters this can be done really easily using 'Rub n Buff' Ebony colour, which is available online and very easy to use, just rub it on and buff off.

To keep your jewellery in the best condition, remove before showering/bathing. Buff regularly using a silver polishing cloth.

6. Delivery times

Because all of my jewellery is handmade to order it is typically around two weeks after receiving an order before it is shipped, however this will vary from time to time during the year during busy periods or times when I am away. If you're order is urgent, perhaps you've ordered it a bit late, please get in contact through the contact me page or any of the enquiry buttons on the product pages and I will let you know if I can accommodate a quicker turnaround. In some cases however the items may be subject to hall marking which can add several days to the process (see below).

7. Hallmarking

Where required by UK law (for example when an item of silver jewellery exceeds a certain weight) I will send items of jewellery to be hallmarked before delivery. While this is usually a quick process which takes typically a few days please be aware that this is a process I have no direct control over and it will depend on the workload at the assays office as to how quickly items can be returned to me.

8. International deliveries

Currently I offer shipping to all parts of the UK, Republic of Ireland, Australia, Canada and USA. There may be a charge for international carriage. Please note it is your responsibility to understand and conform with any import taxation policies for your country and Redteds is not liable for any additional duties that may be required upon receipt.