Silver Calla lily

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Calla lily's are one of my favourite flowers they were in my wedding bouquet, so will always be significant to me.

It was my mum who first asked me to make her one. What an ask! I had never made anything like this prior to then, but it had to be perfect. It took a fair bit of work to get the end result, but I guess she loved it as she still wears it every day.

 So I have made quite a few over the years now, while they are very tricky to make I do find it very rewarding to make something so meaningful from just a sheet of silver. 

It starts with a 1mm sheet of sterling silver which I saw a heart shape from. Then the tricky bit starts. Trying to get a fluid roll on the metal while still maintaining the the sweeping curve on the petals requires a lot of time and patience. I repeatedly have to heat the silver to make it more malleable. Once I have the basic shape the filling begins. This brings the curves to life with repeated filling and sanding the whole flower takes on its beautiful shape.


This week I had another to make for a customer who's wife also had these gorgeous lily's in her wedding bouquet.


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